About Us

About Us

Looking for a lounge above and beyond the ordinary? Skyline Lounge, South Beach’s Newest and most spectacular addition, can jet set you to cloud nine the next time you walk down Whashington Avenue.

Owners Wilson Reynoso and Angel Hernandez invite one and all to experience air travel like never before… grounden, of course, but spacious, innovative, and totally first-class.

Skyline is Wilson Reynoso’s personal project that started years ago in the Bronx.

Normally, when opening a club or a lounge, owners will consult or work with a designer to help creative vision. This, however, is not hte case for Skyline. Wilson Reynoso thought back then, “Anybody can design this!” But Can they, really? With no other lounges in Miami or even in New York as elaborately themed retired commercial jumbo jets in the United States, Wilson carefully disassembled it part by part to maximize the look of Skyline Lounge in New York City… and now he’s done it again in Miami Beach.


June 14th, 2014

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